This error is raised when your run web application that uses Microsoft ACE OLEDB provider in 64-Bit machine and 32 Bit Microsoft Office is installed. Follow these steps to fix the problem in your IIS. [More]
There are cases you need to check the activity of the MSI installer during the installation to check the details like if it overwrites the file or just skip it, the version of the files being installed, the target paths, etc.. Just follow these steps... [More]
Treeview.Nodes.Find() only search nodes by its name not text to use this you need to name your node the same as your text which has a lot of limitation like you can not enter white space and other special character. This is a snippet on how to search node by text (node.Text) and wildcard search. [More]
Contains some snippets to take advantage iPhone Platform Services in your browser based mobile applications like launching Email, SMS, and Google map applications. [More]
I read one good article of Jessica Hagy - The Six Enemies of Greatness. Click the link to view the article. Enjoy!
Use this tool to create minified version of CSS and Javascript to enhance performance of your web applications. Just follow the steps below. Copy your javascript or css code in the code textbox Select type of code to compress Leave the default options as is. Click Compress button. You can copy the compressed code in the Compressed Code textbox or click Download Compressed File or Download Gzipped Compressed File button. Online Compression Tool
In MVC 4 Mobile project, the default viewport of the layout is width=device-width. This tells the mobile browser to zoom into the page before resizing and apply the width based on the captured width. The issue is that when you switch to landscape mode, the portrait width retains that leaves empty space at the right side and it does not allow the width to automatically resize with the landscape width.
Encountered "Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {00024500-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} failed due to the following error: 80070005" error when we deploy application using MS Excel components.

MS Excel component(s) are COM componets that can only activated by Administrator, System, and Interactive accounts. When you deploy the application, it is using the identity of the Application Pool being used by the site that causes this issue. I found a good article that explains the details on how to resolve the issue.


My teammate sends me the link today. Reading the feedback from my teammate I download and install it. Some neat features of this tools are:

  • highlighting the matching opening or closing braces, parenthesis, and brackets
  • Adds support for highlighting all instances of the word currently at the cursor. This helps you locate other instances of the method or variables in the code with the same name.
  • Adds support for automatically creating outlining regions for JScript blocks
  • And more...

In jQuery Mobile pageinit is an event equivallent to document.ready event of the web page and triggered when the page is loaded. Page in jQuery Mobile referrs to a div with data-role-"page", during page transition jQuery mobile only grabs the page instead of the entire content of the web page then appends the content in body of the current web page. In this case traditional $(document).ready() does not trigger during page transition because of this transition behavior and this is where pageinit comes into the picture.

To automatically launch device's call when you click a link or a button is simple as mailto reference. In the case of mobile numbers just use tel in anchor's href attribute. Here is the syntax   <a href="tel:<phone number>"> Call Me </a> Example: <a href="tel:+639171112222">Call Me</a> Above sample will call the phone number +639171112222 defined in href when call me link is clicked. I tested this using iPhone 3 and 4 and it works like a charm. Hope this helps

For the past couple of weeks this is one of FAQ I received - How can we determine the methods and properties of an object in javascript? This is true to custom objects and objects that are not well documented. Thats the reason I create this small article.

Javascript is a dynamic language. You can create properties and mothods at run time and extend existing object with your custom methods. This makes object's members are hard to determine. Like in the case of jQuery, you can extend it anytime you want and thats how jQuery Plug-ins works.


Customizing Jquery Mobile Theme

17 Apr 2012 In: HTML5, jQuery-Mobile, MVC
In MVC 4 Mobile Project, JQuery Mobile comes with built-in theme A - E that is ready to use. There are cases you want to add or cusomize theme to suite your design or upgrade to the latest version. Follow the steps below to customize your theme. [More]

I encountered this issue when I want to set the default page/dialog transition to slide. Default transition of jQuery mobile is fade because this is the only transition can be applied to device that does not support 3D like Android 2.X. Transition is the event when you move from one page to another. To set the default transition I need to set the defaultPageTransition and defaultDialogTransition of jQuery mobile to slide in mobileinit event.

The reason why I want this to be the default transition that way I dont need to declare the data-transition="slide" to each anchor or button that links to another page or dialog.

jQuery simplyfies everything with mobile development that can run on different platform - iphone, android, and ipad to name a few. With jQuery Theme Roller you can design your mobile UI in a fly and with its custom attributes like data-role, data-filter, and data-inset it can add some more flavor on your application. Like for instance when data-filter is set to true, a list search will automatically available for you without extra coding. jQuery mobile comes with a core CSS library that manages UI rendering and styling that is optimized for mobile interface. [More]

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